What is Driven Lifestyle Magazine?

Driven Lifestyle Magazine is a FREE, to consumers, print and online magazine focused on returning to grassroots growth through “Brick & Mortar” retailers and services. We are truly excited to grow the different “driven lifestyles” in the Southeast through a publication that is territorial and directly in the faces of the enthusiasts in the territory.….. A First of its kind!

Driven Lifestyles mission is to cross pollinate the different automotive genres and the enthusiasts from each genre within our region. We will feature cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, audio and various recreational vehicles. Our company consists of true automotive enthusiasts with over 50 years combined experience in all of the different avenues of the automotive industry. Originating as enthusiasts in the 1980’s we quickly became involved in sourcing, manufacturing, branding, representing, selling, servicing, showing, competing and watching trends over the years, all the while learning along the way.

Why Cross pollinate different genres?

Cross pollination introduces individuals to other awesome forms of automotive lifestyles. Almost every car guy or gal can appreciate a really cool boat, motorcycle and/or truck…..and vice versa. A true enthusiast is one that appreciates all forms of custom automotive culture, and has a common bond with other enthusiasts regardless of their choice of expression. With the diversity of features and advertisers, “new blood” is introduced into each field through sparking an enthusiast interest into a new hobby or new form of expressing themselves.

What does this mean for the consumers and enthusiasts?

For the consumer and enthusiast, this means that finally they can feel a close connection to our publication, the advertising brands, advertising retailers, services, regional events and the vehicles featured within the print edition and on the website. Never before has a publication offered enthusiasts a magazine with features and advertisements that are located in close proximity to them. With this format, enthusiasts can closely network with each other, as well as the advertisers who are in business to provide them with goods and services. It is much more fun for a enthusiast to have a network of people in their area that support them and their hobby, something that was ruined with the age of e-commerce and the disconnect of today’s world.

What does this mean for the advertisers?

For brands, retailers and service providers, there is no better way to invest advertising time and money than on a grassroots local and regional level. Grassroots is what grew most brands and industries that we know of today, but it was forgotten with the introduction of the internet. A regional FREE magazine reaches the hands of the real world consumers and enthusiasts who want to enjoy their automotive lifestyle with others, talk about their experiences and spread the word IN PERSON. After all, it is much more fun to see and experience things in person than it is behind a computer screen. This interaction in person and regionally will again grow interest in products, services, events and the lifestyle we all enjoy in our area.