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July 11, 2012

Summer Showdown

Article and Photographs compliments of Jessica Maler McCarthy

Once again, Blairsville, Georgia was alive with the sounds of bass as many cars and audio enthuisiasts from around the area gathered at the North Georgia Technical College Blairsville campus for the 727 Design’s Summer Showdown hosted by Zach Taylor.

Several audio teams showed up in force, including Boom Inc, Shut It Down Boyz & Girlz, and Team 727, with the man to beat at this show being Zack Taylor as he unveiled his newest set up. But all in all it was simply a day of great friends, great food, great competition and great fun.

The highlight of the day without a doubt was Zach Pope as he pushed his Tahoe to the limit and beyond, causing massive destruction to his windshield.

Summer Showdown and Zack Taylor would like to thank Rose Auto Accessories of Blairsville, Georgia, for their assistance with the awards. Thank You also  goes out to everyone who came out to the show and for making it the best show presented by 727 Design’s thus far. Zack and the entire crew look forward to having you join them at their next event coming soon.


SPL classes were broken down into truck, trunk, SUV, and modified.

Zach Pope 159.16

Christian Lowery 149.83

Jason Davis 147.95

Brandon McCarthy 147.94

Larry Tollman 146.44

Rob Davis 146.25

Ryan Varnadoe 145.14

Josh Carpenter 144.60

Michael Hook 143.32

Lisa Hook 143.20

Andrew Spann 140.60

Steven Pingel  140.47

David Kelly 140.06

Blake Brown 139.00

Grant Hyatt 138.41

Chad Wagner 138.13

Kyle Roberts 137.72

Josh Smith 134.20

Nathan Vogler 133.84

Branden Hartness 133.25

Dakota Carringer 132.99

Jay Raxter 129.38

About the Author

Cinda Welch
Cinda is also a founder of Driven Lifestyle Magazine. Formerly known as a part of “Team Welch”, Cinda along with her late husband Greg Welch and daughter Natasha Welch Thompson were long time audio SPL competitors and Kicker Car Audio team captains. Together, they held numerous World Records and Championships, also toured with car audio Legends like Alma Gates, and engaged in marketing campaigns for their sponsors. Cinda has been involved in retail, marketing, management and ownership in the automotive industry as well. Most importantly, she has been an enthusiast of the custom automotive culture for over twenty years, including antiques to the extreme latest automotive trends of today. Appreciating the workmanship, talent and vision of all forms of customs, Cinda views the most important aspect is not necessarily the make or model driven, but rather the lifestyle and enjoying the culture. Cinda will be handling accounting, print copy layout, graphic design and some writing at Driven Lifestyle Magazine.

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727 Designs Springtime Slam – 3.31.12

Photography By: Johnathan Demuth Nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, car audio SPL enthusiasts from surrounding areas gathered to disturb the peace in Blairsville Georgia. This event was hosted by Zach Taylor, a car...
by Johnathan Demuth


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  1. avatar
    Larry Tollman

    Great article! I really enjoy the shows in the mountains. They are always laid back and we have a lot of fun. It reminds me of a car audio type of family reunion. Good food and lots of fun!

  2. avatar
    Tommy Pope

    Great job and thanks for keeping those of us that were unable to attend up to date.

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