July 10, 2012

A Driven Lifestyle is Born

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Written by: Adam Taylor

Chevy Tahoe Delivers on Mother’s Day

I love my Chevy Tahoe. She’s got a few miles on her, but she’s reliable and roomy with lots of cup holders‚ what more could I ask from a ride? I found out at 6 in the morning on Mother’s Day, when my son was born in the front seat on the way to a birthing center in Sanford, Florida.

The excitement began to build about eight months ago, when we learned we were going to be parents again. After the baby shower, we loaded the Tahoe up with a baby crib, blankets, diapers, onesies, and twosies‚ -even threesies would have fit into that capacious interior! As we drove home across town, there was not a creak or groan of complaint from her suspension joints. Marvelous!

When our doctor hinted that Mommy might not have the birth she wished for, we opted for natural childbirth at a birthing center. We began attending 12 weeks of birthing classes and learning The Bradley Method. Our educator explained the entire process of birth carefully and even gave birth to a breached baby at home a few days after our classes were over. We wrote up a detailed birth plan for our labor and I was inspired to create a new website, We had detailed plans for Mother’s Day too: flowers and a special ceremonial lunch.

All those plans were upended just as Mother’s Day began. At 3 in the morning, Mommy woke me with whispered words, “Water’s broken, its time!” Shortly before 6, I called the midwife to report that Mommy just had a 9-minute contraction.

“I’ve never heard of a 9-minute contraction! Put her in the car, stay calm and get to me as fast as you can!”

I was excited, but calm because of all I had learned from the birthing classes. At 6:15, as I was driving down the highway at 80 miles an hour Mommy said, “I feel him baby!” With one hand on the wheel, I caught my son as he emerged into the world and handed him to Mommy. She laid him on her chest, as I started to pull over, and said, “Don’t Stop. We’re fine!” When we arrived at the birthing center our midwives were anxiously waiting for us in the parking lot. Familiar faces reached in and swiftly clamped the umbilical cord, then handed me the scissors and let me have the honor from my drivers’ seat. I ran around the car to hold my son with two arms and they took Mommy inside in a wheelchair. After lots of “Oohs!” and “Aahs!” and a quick baby checkup, the Tahoe took us back home, where our shell-shocked but grinning family was waiting to greet the new arrival.

“Chevy runs deep”, is certainly true in our family! We will never forget the role it has played in our lives. Long after it has gone to car heaven, it will be immortalized in the story of how our son, Cash Ronan Taylor, came into this world. Chevy runs forever!

Adam Taylor is Owner/CEO of, a web design and SEO firm serving clients all over the world. He has had the pleasure to work with the owners of Driven Lifestyle since 2006 on many other projects and recently created in honor of natural childbirth.

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I'm the CEO/Owner of, a professional web design firm in Orlando, FL. I provide all types of web services from Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization and even Application Development. If you ever need web help, contact me... advice is always FREE!

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