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June 21, 2012

Mr. Quiet Guy. Loud SUV


From Marietta, Georgia, Alex Smykun is well known as the very quiet guy who has a very loud stereo system in his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Alex originally took notice of cars and stereo’s after watching YouTube videos starring a once upon a time hero, Steve Meade. Meade’s super loud Tahoe sparked an interest for Alex to try and build his SUV to be loud. With lots of patience, determination and various systems in the Grand Cherokee, Alex has been very happy with his current set up. In the dash is a Kenwood DDX-318 double din head unit to send the signals back to a quadruple amplifier set up. Two Skar Audio 1500.1’s power four of their VVX-10’s in a nicely built ported enclosure. A Skar Audio 85.4 amplifier and a RE Audio 800.4 amplifier are sending the mid and high frequency wattage to a set of Polk Audio MM6.5 components, Polk MM 6×9’s, two sets of Soundstream TWS.4 tweeters and a pair of AudioQue Super tweeters. Under the hood resides a Mike Singer built 300 amp alternator and a XS Power D3400. With heavy 0 gauge cable passing from the front to the rear, Alex added a XS Power D3100 and XP3000 for more ample reserve, to power the amplifiers properly. Alex is a well liked guy at the shows and has made many friends along the way. He would like to thank Xtreme Auto Lighting and Skar Audio for the hook ups and making his ride loud.

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Johnathan Demuth
Johnathan is a founder of Driven Lifestyle Magazine, as well as an enthusiast of all genres in the automotive and marine lifestyle. With over twenty three years in the automotive industry, he has been involved as a consumer, installer, fabricator, competitor, salesman, inventor, designer, global sourcing agent, local and worldwide business owner and most importantly a marketing specialist. He is truly driven by the automotive lifestyle that he lives daily. Starting in 1991 until 2003, he was a successful car audio installer and competitor, holding 8 World Championships and over 100 World Records in his day. In 2004 Johnathan switched his focus from enthusiast to manufacturer affiliate, still currently operating as a designer, consultant and sourcing agent for numerous car audio speaker brands; assisting them from concept stage to point of sale stage. At Driven Lifestyle Magazine, Johnathan will tackle marketing, advertising sales, photography, as well as some writing and creative design.

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    Alex Smykun

    I would like to thank you Johnathan Demuth for the article you wrote. I am just learning more everyday from the people who have a lot of knowledge. I hope to grow more and more with this sport.

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    Good article for a good dude . Alex is very well deserving young man . Glad to call him my friend . He’s louder than this now with the addition of some Skar comp’s , and 2 more vvx 10′s as well . Good job though Johnathan !

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