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June 21, 2012

A MECA Georgia State Champion


Bobby Taylor of Calhoun, Georgia, has been competing for over 10 years in the car audio competition lanes. Reigning as the Georgia State Champion in his MECA class for three years now, Bobby’s 1997 Ford Probe GT is one loud ride. Opting to remove the rear seats of the car, for more noise, Bobby built a full speaker wall behind the front seats. 2 Treo Engineering SSX 18” subwoofers are mounted into the wall with a center firing ported enclosure design. Sending the mega wattage to these woofers is a RD Audio D9 Amplifier, putting out a respectable 9,000 watts RMS on the 18’s. In an effort to equal the bass output, Bobby added 1500 watts on a total of fourteen Soundstream Pro Audio mids and highs in the front doors, so the vocals would keep up with the low frequency earthquake.  Sending the juice to the amplifiers in the Probe is a DC Power 220 alternator charging 4 Kinetik HC2400 Power Cells in the rear hatch area. Bobby enjoys going to a lot of shows and would like to send a shout out to everyone from GCA (Georgia Car Audio) as well as all of his team mates at Shut It Down Boyz & Girlz Car Club.

Photographs Courtesy of Bobby Taylor

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Johnathan Demuth
Johnathan is a founder of Driven Lifestyle Magazine, as well as an enthusiast of all genres in the automotive and marine lifestyle. With over twenty three years in the automotive industry, he has been involved as a consumer, installer, fabricator, competitor, salesman, inventor, designer, global sourcing agent, local and worldwide business owner and most importantly a marketing specialist. He is truly driven by the automotive lifestyle that he lives daily. Starting in 1991 until 2003, he was a successful car audio installer and competitor, holding 8 World Championships and over 100 World Records in his day. In 2004 Johnathan switched his focus from enthusiast to manufacturer affiliate, still currently operating as a designer, consultant and sourcing agent for numerous car audio speaker brands; assisting them from concept stage to point of sale stage. At Driven Lifestyle Magazine, Johnathan will tackle marketing, advertising sales, photography, as well as some writing and creative design.

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