June 30, 2012

3X Charm


From Box to Allstar

Photography by: Tony Nguyen

Scion, a brand of vehicles produced by the Toyota Motors Corporation, unveiled the Scion xA and xB at the 2003 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. Offered as 2004 models, it was an attempt by Toyota Motors Corporation to appeal to younger consumers, with a long term goal of offering a vehicle with one trim level to be customized by the end consumer. As the consumer, one has the choice of customizing at the dealer point of purchase or through aftermarket channels where in bringing the vehicle to a whole other level of being unique. Of the two models introduced, the xB is what catapulted Scion into mainstream acceptance. The ironic thing is that the xB is a box; fairly basic, not very aerodynamic and somewhat Spartan, but this was the key to success in being different, trendy and viral.  Many consumers and enthusiasts have chosen the xB for expressing themselves through their automobile, and this is the story of one enthusiast’s journey with his ride.

In 2005, after suffering a total loss collision in his 2003 Mazda Protégé 5 show car, Jesse Olive of Hampton, Georgia, purchased a new Black Cherry Pearl Scion xB as a replacement for the Protégé. With the new purchase, there were no intentions on making the xB a show car. The recent loss was somewhat of a mental block for Jesse as he was discouraged at all of the hard work and time invested in his previous car, only to lose it all so quickly. This was his mindset, which was coincidentally changed after a gift from his wife, a set of TEIN springs that were given to Jesse for Christmas. Together, the couple jokingly dubbed the xB “3X Charm”. Well, the “Charm” must have worked; motivated by one enhancement and sparking an old flame within Jesse led him on a complete evolution of THE BOX.

Having grown up around cars, Jesse at an early age grew to appreciate automobiles. Modifying every car he has owned in some form or fashion, built his love and passion for the custom car lifestyle. With each new vehicle over the years, Jesse sets out to improve upon his level of modifications which fuels his desire to be ever changing in his quest for building the best that he can. Much of Jesse’s motivation has been driven by the loss of his friend and mentor, Scott Hayworth, on March 27, 2006. Jesse recalls how his friend taught him about keeping things fun with everything that you do in life, and enjoy the passion through building, showing the vehicle and making friends with those who share the automotive passion. Says Jesse, “Although Scott is physically not here with me, his spirit and memory rides with me to every event, and I dedicate this effort to him”. Making great friends along the way and being a member of various teams and clubs over the years, Jesse recently joined a new family; the International Allstars Marketing Team. Being a member of the Allstars means that one’s vehicle is a serious head turner, and the xB has evolved into just that!

In late 2005, Jesse decided that a brake upgrade to 12” cross drilled and slotted rotors with EBC Green Stuff pads  would be a nice addition to the TEIN springs that earlier replaced the stock offerings. Soon to follow were many exterior body mods including a Carbon Fiber hood, wing, and fuel door along with a custom rear bumper cover and eyelids. To take the Scion’s exterior one step further, Jesse shaved all emblems, rear wiper, side view mirrors, added a custom billet grill with Stars emblem and color matched the taillights to the body. A Sciontech engine dress up kit, Red Engine ground kit, front strut brace and a Bomz Cold Air intake add a bit of class to the engine bay. The interior and audio system was a work in progress over a few years time, and resulted in being quite a show piece. With the skills of Jesse’s friend Ben Freeman “The Mad Sciontist”, the audio system volume was turned way up with the fabrication of an insane fiber glassed structure of multiple star shapes within the vehicle. Housed in the structures are three Alpine PDX Amplifiers that power a MMATS Pro Audio 12” Subwoofer and two sets of Alpine 6.5” component sets. A motorized tray cleverly shows off a PS2 that links in with a separate DVD/MP3 player. All video is displayed on a pair of 7” Monitors, as well as on a 10” Overhead flip down monitor. Two Kinetik Audio HC800 batteries provide ample juice to the system while conducting the voltage via Monster Cable wiring throughout. The exclamation point on the fiberglass fabrication would be the air tank on display, which provides reserve air for the Scion’s custom Universal Air Ride suspension. Finishing off the front of the interior, Jesse added an A-Pillar gauge cluster with 4 gauges, a large Auto-Meter tach on the dash and air ride gauges in a custom fabricated dash piece. Carbon fiber shift knob and pedals seal the deal on moving the box forward, in style.

With dozens of awards won, this Scion xB has certainly proved that determination and hard work can scoop up the trophies, along with the many good memories and friends along the way. Jesse would like to especially thank his supportive wife Jeneen Olive, as well as Ben Freeman, Steve Flynn from Flynn’s Detail Products and the many other friends who helped along the way. Jesse Olive is certainly a man who likes to think outside THE BOX.

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Johnathan is a founder of Driven Lifestyle Magazine, as well as an enthusiast of all genres in the automotive and marine lifestyle. With over twenty three years in the automotive industry, he has been involved as a consumer, installer, fabricator, competitor, salesman, inventor, designer, global sourcing agent, local and worldwide business owner and most importantly a marketing specialist. He is truly driven by the automotive lifestyle that he lives daily. Starting in 1991 until 2003, he was a successful car audio installer and competitor, holding 8 World Championships and over 100 World Records in his day. In 2004 Johnathan switched his focus from enthusiast to manufacturer affiliate, still currently operating as a designer, consultant and sourcing agent for numerous car audio speaker brands; assisting them from concept stage to point of sale stage. At Driven Lifestyle Magazine, Johnathan will tackle marketing, advertising sales, photography, as well as some writing and creative design.

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