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April 4, 2012

727 Designs Springtime Slam – 3.31.12


Photography By: Johnathan Demuth

Nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, car audio SPL enthusiasts from surrounding areas gathered to disturb the peace in Blairsville Georgia. This event was hosted by Zach Taylor, a car audio enthusiast with a part time career as a car audio installer and fabricator, under the label of 727 Designs. Zach was bitten by the “SPL bug” back in 2006, when he built a Jeep Cherokee that he was able to bring to Spring Break Nationals in Daytona and broke the 150db barrier at that event.  With this accomplishment, Zach was DRIVEN to continue learning and building SPL projects, and has enjoyed working alongside other competitors to improve his scores and the hobby as a whole. Being a member of the Facebook Georgia Car Audio Group, Zach decided to hold this event in support of his group and the car audio community with hopes to eventually hold events twice a month in the near future.

The day of the event was the perfect weather, so peaceful and quiet at the North Georgia Tech. campus in Blairsville.

SPL Lanes

SPL Lanes

This was until the group of SPL competitors showed up in abundance, all whom were ready to crank up the volume! Twenty Six competitors showed up for the event to try to out gun the seemingly unbeatable Chevy Tahoe of competitor Zach Pope, with at least one hundred spectators there to see some windows flexing and meters pegging. It was a great turn out, with food catered on site, a nice pavilion to hang out under and great friends and company to enjoy the day of being loud. SPL classes were broken up into five categories, where there was modified, SUV, truck, trunk and hatchback. The show was a great success and a nice way to kick off the spring season of competition.

Pokemon's Loud VW

Pokemon's Loud VW

Zach would like to thank his wife Adriana, Rob Davis, Brandon & Jessica McCarthy, Michael & Lisa Hook, Chris Hogan, Tim Crawford, the entire Mixed Nuts Automotive Club, everyone in Georgia Car Audio Group and anyone else who stepped in to help keep everything running smoothly at the event.


Results are listed below by name and decibels level:



Zach Pope 153.27 Highest of the Day and Modified Winner

Josh Carpenter's Amp Rack

Josh Carpenter's Amp Rack

Christian Lowery 150.7
Isaac “Pokemon” Docxc 148.13 Hatchback Winner
Robin Williams 145.13 SUV Winner
Austin King 145.09
Larry Tollman 145.01 Trunk Winner
Brandon McCarthy 144.9
Shane Wall 144.84
Mike Canon 143.03
Travis Evans (TE Customz) 142.39 Truck Winner
Fro Orozclo 141.37
Lisa Hook 141.29
Rob Davis 141.22
Michael Hook 140.78
Steven Pingel 140.77
Billy Blackwell 140.33

Lisa Hook in the Lanes

Lisa Hook in the Lanes

Travis Cook 140.05
Christopher Hogan 139.51
Josh Carpenter 139.16
Jeff Henderson 138.51
Scott Leonard 137.09
Joe Miller 136.75
Nick Winner 135.84
Branden Hartness 133.75
Mason Schuknecht 133.35
Nathan Vogler 130.01


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Johnathan Demuth
Johnathan is a founder of Driven Lifestyle Magazine, as well as an enthusiast of all genres in the automotive and marine lifestyle. With over twenty three years in the automotive industry, he has been involved as a consumer, installer, fabricator, competitor, salesman, inventor, designer, global sourcing agent, local and worldwide business owner and most importantly a marketing specialist. He is truly driven by the automotive lifestyle that he lives daily. Starting in 1991 until 2003, he was a successful car audio installer and competitor, holding 8 World Championships and over 100 World Records in his day. In 2004 Johnathan switched his focus from enthusiast to manufacturer affiliate, still currently operating as a designer, consultant and sourcing agent for numerous car audio speaker brands; assisting them from concept stage to point of sale stage. At Driven Lifestyle Magazine, Johnathan will tackle marketing, advertising sales, photography, as well as some writing and creative design.

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