March 29, 2012

Women on Wheels

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Written by: Cinda Welch
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Women on Wheels- Appalachian Angels Chapter -3.8.12

Recently a good friend of mine, Lorraine Norris, told me about a group of women motorcycle enthusiasts who gather once a month at War Pony Customs in Rabun Gap Georgia.  Immediately I said “WOW” an organization just for the female motorcyclist!  Well, needless to say, Lorraine laughed at me and said “Yep! That’s the name of it, Women on Wheels, WOW for short.”  Shortly after I ran into Carmen Rose-Redd, Co-Owner of War Pony Customs and she invited me to sit in on one of the meetings.

It is funny how things in life play out as I knew Carmen from my early teenage years. Her father owned and operated “The Green Frog” skating rink in Clayton, GA, a place in which I spent a lot of time as a young girl and eventually gained my first experiences at work.  Later in life, Carmen owned a daycare and learning center in which my daughter attended. I have not seen her in many years, so naturally I was very pleased to come into contact with her once again. Add the fact that our paths cross once again because of our “Driven Lifestyle” makes the reunion even better.

It was a privilege to attend this meeting, to learn about “WOW”, to meet the members of the Appalachian Angels Chapter and see firsthand what a wonderful group of people this is. They begin their meetings by joining together for a Pot Luck Dinner, then onto business and finish out the evening with various technical/teaching sessions, often provided by a member’s spouse.  At this particular meeting I received the opportunity to tell them about “Driven Lifestyle” magazine. And to my surprise two of my high school gym coach’s were in attendance and I got to see one of their toys, a very nice Trike which was being worked on at the shop.

During this visit I learned that The Women on Wheels® Organization was founded in California by an avid woman motorcyclist, in 1982. Its purpose was, and still is, to unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts whether they ride their own machine, are motorcycle passengers or future motorcyclists. This vision has grown greatly. In 2012, as Women On Wheels® embarks on its 30th birthday, there are nearly 3000 members strong located throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries, with “WOW” members being riders in their teens, in their eighties and every age in between.

The mission of this national organization is to unite all female motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition, and to promote a positive image of motorcycling. The Women on Wheels® Organization’s national focus mirrors the one of “Driven Lifestyle Magazine” which is a focus on the people and the LIFESTYLE, rather than the make of the machine. WOW members enjoy every make and model of motorcycles imaginable; it’s not what they ride that’s important, but rather the fact that they enjoy riding.

The Women on Wheels® Organization is a family oriented organization and encourages family members to become involved through their support memberships for spouses/significant others and their child memberships for future riders.

In February 2011 a small group of women led by Maria Rodeghiero (Co-Founder of the Atlanta Chapter) and Carmen Rose-Redd (Co-Owner of War Pony Customs) began meeting once a month for dinner and motorcycle fellowship in Rabun County. They began to recruit other female riders and enthusiasts and by December 2011 had enough members and support members to apply for their own Chapter Charter, They are now known as the Appalachian Angels Tri-State Chapter of Women on Wheels®. Due to the geographical location of their meeting place in Northeast Georgia, the Chapter not only includes the Northeast Georgia area but also neighboring counties of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Currently, this chapter has elected Carmen Rose-Redd and Michelle Kelly as the Co-Directors, and Barbara Swann as Treasurer. This chapter has members located in Georgia and North Carolina, and looks forward to recruiting members from Oconee County, SC.

The Appalachian Angels Chapter not only upholds the national mission, but they have also adopted an additional mission to support their community in various ways. For their very first Christmas project as a group, these ladies joined together to collect groceries, holiday candies, blankets, sweaters, hats and various sundries for the home-bound elderly and disabled adults in the area. Within a matter of a few weeks gift baskets filled with these items were delivered to 13 families, and from this the chapter’s annual Christmas Mission was born. If I know these ladies correctly, and I think I do, I am certain this will not be the only charitable mission that they will embark upon.

If you are a female rider in this region, I encourage you to check out this organization. Women on Wheels and the Appalachian Angels Tri-State Chapter welcomes the beginner and the veteran rider alike; this organization is for people from all walks of life; and for all kinds of riders whether they be commuters, racers, touring rider, or you simply enjoy a week-end ride. Anything goes!

To find out more information about this organization feel free to contact or visit . And be sure to tell them you read about them in “Driven Lifestyle Magazine”

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Cinda Welch
Cinda is also a founder of Driven Lifestyle Magazine. Formerly known as a part of “Team Welch”, Cinda along with her late husband Greg Welch and daughter Natasha Welch Thompson were long time audio SPL competitors and Kicker Car Audio team captains. Together, they held numerous World Records and Championships, also toured with car audio Legends like Alma Gates, and engaged in marketing campaigns for their sponsors. Cinda has been involved in retail, marketing, management and ownership in the automotive industry as well. Most importantly, she has been an enthusiast of the custom automotive culture for over twenty years, including antiques to the extreme latest automotive trends of today. Appreciating the workmanship, talent and vision of all forms of customs, Cinda views the most important aspect is not necessarily the make or model driven, but rather the lifestyle and enjoying the culture. Cinda will be handling accounting, print copy layout, graphic design and some writing at Driven Lifestyle Magazine.

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    Carmen Redd

    Thanks so much for coming to our meeting and writing up such an informative article about our Chapter. I think I can speak for the other members of our Chapter when I say, we look forward to our paths crossing in the future!


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