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March 16, 2012

Driven Lifestyle Magazine’s New Website

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Written by: Adam Taylor

Thank You for checking out our Driven Lifestyle Magazine website.

In the next days, weeks and months the website will grow exponentially and populate with content and advertisers that believe in what we are all about. Our website and print publication is dedicated to the automotive enthusiast and the many different business owners that offer goods and services within our area.

Driven Lifestyle Magazine is a FREE, to consumers, print and online magazine focused on returning to grassroots growth through face to face interaction again making the enthusiasts become a part of the automotive lifestyle on a local and realistic level. With our advertisers, features and events being in close proximity to the readers, it is a much more exciting and fun lifestyle to pursue. We are truly excited to grow the many different “driven lifestyles” in the Southeast through a publication that is territorial and directly in the faces of the enthusiasts in the territory…  A First of its kind!

The Driven Lifestyle Mission

Cross pollinate the different automotive genres and the enthusiasts from each genre within our region. Cross pollination creates new interest, growth and prosperity as a community. We will feature cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, audio and various recreational vehicles. Our company consists of true automotive enthusiasts with over 50 years combined experience in all of the different avenues of the automotive industry. With much excitement and determination, we are looking forward to helping be a driving force behind the lifestyle that drives us!

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